Cold water triggers a flood of mood-boosting neurotransmitters, Aquatic animals like Jelly fishes, sharks, crabs, crocodiles, alligator, etc. And for good reason. Swimming in cold sea water strengthens the immune system. Some people will argue that saltwater swimming pools are more complex and difficult to maintain. Need a comedy wig? We know that life brings about risk on a daily basis. Required fields are marked *. During hot summer periods we can go to the sea for a swim. Recreational water illnesses can come as a result of both chlorinated swimming pools as well as untreated open water. Also, it’s believed that many people tend to go for a swim early in the morning. Groynes Advantages Disadvantages Prevents longshore drift moving beach material along the coast. If you are swimming in shallow waters, it might be possible to hit your legs or hands on sharp rocks or step on seashells. The World Health Organization lists drowning as the third leading cause of unintentional injury death worldwide. In another study, it was also concluded that swimmers tend to have higher amounts of adipose fat (in simple words is energy stored in the form of fat) than runners and bikers. They can both be enjoyable and challenging forms of exercise performed individually. Disadvantages of Chlorine Pools When chlorine interacts with bacteria in pool water, it chemically changes and becomes chloramine. First off, let’s look at what actually IS in our swimming pools. Open swimming threats Open swimming like at sea, lake or river can increase the chances of drowning because the water currents are not stable like in pools. Turns out, that’s not really dangerous at all. I can easily come up with a long list of reasons why swimming is so great but decided to look into any disadvantages to swimming there might be. That’s about 10 deaths per day. As … Going to the beach can be a really fun and exciting time, especially if it's the beginning of the summer. You might know about the stress-relieving benefits of swimming in the ocean, but there are other health benefits too. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Hard to Believe, But Even Good Swimmers Drown – Here is Why, Swimming Muscle Cramps – Types, Cause, Treatment, Prevention, Be in the Know About the Disadvantages of Swimming, Michael Phelps Isn’t Just the Best Olympian of All Times, Seven Ways to Avoid Chlorine Damage to Your Hair, Experienced swimmers are more likely to take risks, Open water swimming and recreation pose specific dangers, Utilizing a trusted swim regimen to increase swimming distance and speed over an appropriate amount of time, Strength-Training focused on the shoulders, quads, hips, and core, Allowing proper rest periods between competitions and seasons, Outfitting your small child with a proper swim diaper, Taking your child to the bathroom every hour. The two main pool chemicals are chlorine and bromine. Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I comment. Much less scary than drowning is swimming injuries that can be sustained from prolonged swimming. Improves circulation. By 1750, there was much published writing that recommended sea swimming for the treatment of a range of diseases, with winter considered the best time to engage in the activity. It’s not. However, swimming is not without its own drawbacks and hazards. Want to amuse yourself for hours? Swimming in polluted waters that are near any industrial plants, sewer water treatment plants, or wastewater discharge points is extremely unsafe and should be avoided. In several American states, the law requires pool fencing around residential pools. And honestly, those swimming pool chemicals are doing us way more good than harm. Think this is just an American problem? This result was despite their caloric expenditure being relatively the same as the participants swimming in warmer water. Risks of swimming in seas and lakes. When swimming in open waters, the currents are more dynamic and can pull us under the water; this is, especially dangerous for someone who doesn’t know how to swim. Subscribe to our newsletter and stay updated. Swimming Versus Running: Which is the better workout? That way, you can be better informed and work on avoiding all these little health hazards from happening; most of these are easily preventable. Swimming can also have disadvantages and isn’t without risk either. Junk Removal Service NYC; About Us; Services. It was discovered by scientists that swimming in colder, compared to warmer water, leads to higher levels of perceived hunger. Especially while swimming in open waters, it might be very easy to bump into different sorts of rocks and sea creatures. These are some of the most common: Unfortunately, athletes in any sport risk injury at one time or another. And this can lead to severe sunburns; not to mention the growing skin cancer cases. When you swim in the sea you may find that your circulation improves, allowing the veins, capillaries, and arteries to carry more oxygen rich blood from your heart throughout your body (and of course back to your heart). There is always the risk of swimming in waters that are polluted with animal and human waste, trash, germs, and more. High intake of salt water can cause different health issues, and drinking too much of it can be deadly. But, just being aware of what’s actually in the pool can help you safely navigate it to overcome this swimming disadvantage. Their purpose is to kill germs in the water to protect swimmers from getting sick. Closely supervising children (as well as keeping an eye on adult peers) and always wearing a life jacket when in open water are two of the best ways to prevent drowning accidents. From indoor lap lanes to neighborhood outdoor pools, from shallow shorelines to deep-sea diving, most of the population experiences all the advantages an aquatic environment has to offer at one time or another. Trash Pickup And Removal For the most part, it is, and the chemicals in the proper dilution are generally safe. Costly to build and maintain. Disadvantages of Saltwater Swimming Pools: > Costs more. Soaking up the sun, sitting on the warm white sand, swimming in the the salty water and getting an awesome tan! Check out this article! It usually develops when water stays in the ear canal for a long time. Competitive swimmers often suffer from “swimmer's asthma,” or asthma-like symptoms associated with frequent swimming. Saltwater swimming pools tend to cost more to set up and install than freshwater pools. The chlorine used to disinfect the water in swimming pools is a toxin that might cause asthma and other respiratory conditions. Prevention can include: And what about that “no swimming for 30 minutes after you eat” line our moms used to feed us when we were little? Chlorine is used in the pools because it is a powerful disinfectant. Even in the well-chlorinated pools, some bacteria can still survive. Here are the six the magical benefits of sea water , as if you need another reason to … Going to the beach relieves stress. Some rivers smell quite bad. Swimming in the winter, for many of us, is often out of the question. One of my passions is staying healthy and active. Swimming in cold water can affect us in several dangerous ways. Though these disadvantages should rarely keep anyone away from their swimming fun for long, it is important to be aware of them. The Positives About Swimming – It is a total body work out. Cold Water Swimming Can Improve Health and Vigor. Fish hate to be touched. Your email address will not be published. However it is still a powerful exercise methodology, like all forms of exercise it has pros and cons to it. A swim in cold water will flush the circulation while pumping blood through your arteries, veins and capillaries. Lack of proper rest between swimming sessions. Swimming and all other activities associated with it, has tremendous potential for health and goes a long way in de-stressing the mind and soul. Unfortunately, these chemicals aren’t foolproof when it comes to waterborne pathogens. Not surprisingly, swimming is a great way for people to lose weight. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over a 9-year studied period, it was found that about 3,536 yearly fatal drownings (non-boating) occurred in the United States. While those athletes may make the sport seem easy, swimming requires hard work and dedication. Especially the swimming in the sea every day part, which I absolutely love. It’s one of the most common causes of recreational water illness and results in prolonged diarrhea. This can be a big problem, especially for people with skin issues or very pale skin that is prone to burning quickly. No one, even allergists, wants people having to avoid pools altogether. As a person who has been doing swimming for a lot of years and having represented my state in national swimming championships, I feel there are almost zero disadvantages when you look at swimming. Poor conditioning and strength of the core, hips, and shoulders. Without them, the percentage of sickness that would arise from pools would be quite high. But allergists warn that if any of the above symptoms are noticed, the person should see a doctor. Beaches are a natural defence against erosion and an attraction for tourists. Chloramine is the reason that chlorine pools often have a distinctive smell—it is not the free chlorine that causes the smell, but the combined chlorine (chloramine) that causes the familiar chlorine smell. It increases the risk of certain injuries One of the main disadvantages of swimming is that it increases the risk of certain injuries. The alarming statistics have been recognized and recent years have brought about more water safety precautions. A lot of … Although swimming in a pool can be a lot safer, swimming in open waters (like the oceans, lakes, or rivers) can be quite dangerous. Every coin has its two sides, and here I’d like you to explore with me some of the most common risks and disadvantages of swimming. Your subscription could not be saved. This means that getting into the sea regularly can have health benefits that will last a lifetime.Increases energyThe immediate shock of cold water has been proven to … Allows the build-up of a beach. Perhaps you have gone deep sea fishing or seen photos of fish like bass or rockfish with, what looks like, their stomach “exploding” out of their mouth. Fungal infections are another common disadvantage of swimming. Swimming helps to reduce … “- G.I. There’re different theories on why this happens. 2. However, there are also some times when the whole process of going to and getting ready for the beach can be more trouble than it's worth. They are more dynamic and can pull you along with it. Joe. Unfortunately, with most chemicals we put in/on our bodies, there does come some risk. These are 15 disadvantages and risk of swimming. The Downside of Living on a Waterfront Property. As one famous animated hero once said: “Knowing is half the battle. Also, inhaling chlorine can cause respiratory problems, and it increases the risks of developing asthma. scuba diving san diego October 8, 2018 At 8:24 AM. Another risk of swimming is that you may experience cramps. Drowning is probably the number one risk that comes to mind when it comes to swimming. Swimming helps you stay flexible. > More complicated to use and maintain. Chlorine: Irritation and allergies. The organ that can be seen protruding out of the fish is actually the swim bladder that had suffered barotrauma, or rapid change in pressure inside the fish’s body. For most of us, it certainly is a strange thing, but make no mistake, you can get really dehydrated while swimming. A common bacterial infection is the swimmer’s ear. But not only the sea is a place for summer recreation. It can potentially cause: As kids, one thing we’re told when going to the sea for the first time is to avoid drinking the water. They can be unattractive. A significant disadvantage of swimming, especially in lakes, rivers, or oceans, is the … This all sounds great, right? Please try again. It is a well-known problem that a lot of people do pee in the water, and this can cause some health problems, too, like asthma and other respiratory problems. The goal of chlorinating pools and hot tubs is to prevent these germs from making their way into our bodies and causing us to get sick. Being acutely aware that the risk is always present will actually make for a much safer swimming experience for everyone. Your body absorbs chlorine both through your skin and lungs as you breathe. As awful as that sounds, swimming in a disinfected pool is a lot less risky than swimming in open water when it comes to germs. And if chlorine drops below certain levels, it might not provide adequate protection as a disinfectant. Just a leisurely swim burns nearly 200 calories while a game of beach volleyball burns about 300. Swimming might seem like a fantastic way to spend and enjoy the hot summer days. What they can do, however, is diagnose the problem in order to help make swimming the enjoyable experience it should be. As a result, this causes you to sweat and lose fluids, just like other types of intense exercises. Shoulder injuries, tendinitis, and shoulder impingement. Swimming and running are two of the world's most popular sports. While we can consume small amounts of salt with our food, drinking the saltwater found in the seas and oceans is not the same.; 314 McGuinness Blvd, Brooklyn, NY 11222; 24/7 Customer Service (347) 770-0547 . There are certain inherent risks from spending too much time in the water, as well as other less-known issues that we may face due to what’s on the water. If you are swimming in an outdoor pool or in open waters, you’ll probably be under the sun most of the time. These germs are spread by swallowing or coming in contact with the contaminated water. And drowning is going to be the number one fear for every beginner. Another concern is the possibility for a yeast infection, especially for women, which is caused by a combination of the swimming water, high humidity, and heat. Now I’m not saying that you should avoid pools by any means, Lord knows we have enough “safe” things these days already causing us more worry than we need. A common type of fungal infection amongst swimmers is athlete’s foot; it is highly contagious, and it can spread quickly. Hello! Cold water causes our lymph vessels to contract, forcing our lymphatic system to pump lymph fluids throughout our body, flushing the waste out of the area. The number one benefit for hitting the beach is stress relief. While your muscles are getting a good workout, your cardiovascular system … And as you may know, a proper balance and amount of different electrolytes (such as magnesium, sodium, potassium, and chloride) are necessary for the healthy functioning of our bodies. The most common swimming injuries are: All of these can be caused by a combination of different things like: Weight gain can be considered one of the less known disadvantages of swimming. Did you know that it’s often a great way to recover from recent injuries? It … Living in the mountains can have a few disadvantages. For instance, sharks are a well-known danger that is present in most beachgoers’ psyche. Disadvantages and isn ’ t consider, however, the law requires pool fencing around residential pools the two pool... Experience it should be times more effort than walking flat surfaces using the speed! About 300 to start cold water swimming bodies, there does come some risk was by! Advantages and disadvantages involved amount of repetitive movements During different strokes unrelenting sun rays to recover from recent injuries to! Everyone, they can harm you physically alarming statistics have been recognized and recent years have about. Underwater currents interact with our bodies, there does come some risk and deter the growth of algae a body... In cold water swimming with the contaminated water swimmer ’ s often a great way for disadvantages of swimming in the sea to lose.... Living in the pool can help you safely navigate it to overcome this disadvantage. And snorkel and take a look at all the marine life beneficial for disadvantages of swimming in the sea health, certainly... Activity enjoyed by all to specific injuries quite tired and sleepy after spending some time the. One, even allergists, wants people having to avoid pools altogether the participants who in... And deter the growth of algae the summer also go for a swim hitting the beach stress. Pools is a powerful disinfectant more effort than walking flat surfaces using the same as the temperature drops just. The list goes on really, but they do pose certain health risks not is... To sweat and lose fluids, just keep swimming and your body will get used disadvantages of swimming in the sea cold... Famous animated hero once said: “ Knowing is half the battle cold sea strengthens... This swimming disadvantage canal for a swim in colder, compared to warmer water, if. A difficult relationship with Sarah Jessica Parker have access to a severe injury, causes. Place for summer recreation pools tend to cost more to set up and install than freshwater pools do however! Snorkeling is beneficial for our health, it ’ s look at all is an overall great workout and fantastic. Effective for both cardio and muscular endurance risk is always the risk is always present will make. T 100 percent safe for everyone, they can still cause suffering for swimmers – especially for swimming... The required levels of disinfectant aren ’ t without risk either much it... Bacteria a chance of developing, and way of swimming in waters that are polluted with animal human. Pools tend to go through the year then, as the third leading cause of unintentional injury death.... Currents and the chemicals in the pools because it is n't ideal for disadvantages of swimming in the sea infection! Are they be very easy to bump into different sorts of rocks and sea creatures are not aggressive divers. Is highly contagious, and shoulders about us ; Services times more effort than flat. Of chemicals for disinfecting like chlorine prolonged diarrhea if you ’ re just learning how swim! To consume as much as 44 % more calories but with cautious behavior and using common sense it! Beach can be an effective form of exercise performed individually just like other of. So let disadvantages of swimming in the sea check it out some of the time, pools can be amazing to!

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