Copyright © 2020 Tiger Fitness. Thank you! My best advice would be to eat when you feel hunger , I dont get it as a women i was wondering do you eat the same stuff every day. Taking a diet break DOES NOT mean ditching your diet. I would use fruit and nuts for the extra sweetness and crunch. Is it ok if I don’t eat all the options listed? It’s officially 6 weeks until my birthday and i want to feel my absolute best! I need to lose 120lbs safely. look forward to hearing from you!!! Can you put them in the freezer? If I do will I get the same results? Thanks much! how many cups should i consume of each? What Is The JERF Diet And How Much Can It Change Your Life. Cayenne Pepper: Burns fat. 4. I feel like I might need to cut my calories a little more. As for the calories, I’m not sure I understand your question… You can calculate an estimate of your daily requirements and split it up into 5-6 meals, making sure you eat right after working out! Especially my stomach. But overall, this is a well-rounded nutritional plan that can be followed on a daily basis, of course, you might want to enjoy an extra treat here and there but besides from that, I think that it’s a great plan that can be adjusted to everybody’s individual needs! So, let’s take a quick look at what you can and can’t eat during a shred week. The thing with any and every packaged foods is that they will never be as good for your body as natural real food is. Thanks, I have a question about substitutions. I’ll be posting a new shop page with some of my favorite supplements and superfoods that will allow you to order these items online, stay tuned for that! This meal plan isn’t about starving yourself, it’s about fueling your body right when you feel hungry. How much should i be eating. for meal 2 can i swap the mix veges for just sweet potato ? To get shredded, you need to pay close attention to diet, exercise, and body composition. As for the protein, you can measure it uncooked if you have the option…, Hi there, just came across this 7 day plan and really want to try it. If you have a protein shake daily, you can remove 1 meal from the plan and replace it with the protein shake. You may add more whole rice, sweet potatoes and oats/quinoa into you diet instead! hello! For meal 1 do you have an outline of what should be followed so I can come up with my own? Yes feel free to substitute one of the meals with a protein shake! Bottom line. do we get the same results if we take a certain food from one meal and combine it with a food from another? What could I replace the oatmeal and quinoa with? So, depending on you calorie needs, the portions may vary a little? I had some ques. I workout 6x/wk with HIIT and strength train 4x/wk. Hello Isabella, Im a very heavy girl..90 kilos…but somehow dont look fat… is not easy to explain…well I use to be a swimmer so my back is wide and my legs are huge and my arms aswell…i got a flat tummy..when im standing up…which is ruin as soon as I sit down lol…I know my muscles are there yet…i got fat on top of them…and with weights just seem that im getting bigger instead of getting rid of fat…I have tried spinning..the same happened …bigger thights…but no visible fat getting really confussed because with so much info…dont know what would be my do and dont’s for my own body..with exercice and food. Hey I’m just wondering once the seven day period is over how many calories should one revert back too eating each day… Just the recommended daily calorie intake for your age and sex? You can switch things up Tawaun. Thank you for all of your help. Some people prefer their eggs on the side, others don’t mind to mix it into their porridge. Very excited for it! Hi are you able to choose your 6 meals by mixing up to suit me or do I need to follow meal plan. Now it’s time to give you information on how your 7-day shred plan needs to be balanced across macronutrients. Hi Miluska! do you have recipe for simple protein balls that are healthy for a snack? I really hope this helps me lose pure fat and helps me with my cellulite.!!! For a 1 cup serving (and I’m good with cutting back to 3/4, 1/2 – whatever) has 160 cal, 1g fat, 90mg sodium, 10g fiber, 9g sugar, 13g protein and 10g whole grains. Lastly when I go for a workout, and I have a shake afterwards, shall I have my scheduled meal anyway as I would have if I hadn’t. Simply put, if you’re starting out fairly lean, you follow the Get Shredded Diet … How much weight can you lose with the 30-day shred? Hi Isabella, Is this only for 7 days or can you keep doing this after 7 days? I’m starting this today so I’m hoping for the results mentioned above…..”What to expect: Fat loss & more muscle definition! Can I keep following this meal plan until I reach my desired weight? If you want to have an idea of how many calories you need for weight loss, you can find out here: Again, this will give you a general idea but you may have to play with the numbers… Isabella . Happy to have you on board & a big thank you to your trainer for spreading the meal plan with her/his clients , Hi.. Follow the guidelines in the article and you should see results quickly! And fruits in general as well. I am SOOO glad I found this. It’s also a great idea to add some spices to your diet and juices. That’s why I generally advise people to try out the 7-day shred meal plan. It’s perfectly fine to switch the order of the meals around, however, I wouldn’t recommend having oatmeal in the afternoon . In my opinion, Greek yogurt should not be eaten multiple times a day if your goal is to be healthy and loose weight, it’s just not a superfood like it claims to be! Bodyweight Bench Dips, 1.) Enjoy fueling your body with healthy and vibrant foods & keep us posted on your progress . I know everyone is different but maybe a ball park?? For sure, have fun with it… make sure you add healthy ingredients and sweeteners! Hello, have recently purchased the product. You can use this calculator (caloric needs while breastfeeding): to get an estimate of your daily caloric requirements! The good news is that you’ll be eating enough to fill you up to make sure you don’t constantly have to battle food cravings. Depending on the content, you can replace 1 meals for your protein shakes. Just started doing this yesterday, and I am eating 1,200 – 1,400 calories per day (did the calorie calculator). natural nut butter, example 1) 2 cups mixed greens + grilled chicken or turkey, example 2) lean beef burger + sautéed veggies (carrots, onions, peppers), example 3) chickpeas salad (with peppers, mushrooms, parsley, lemon juice, etc. Are the above; the only ideas I choose from on each day for the seven days or is there more? I have a question, I am a bit confused. Can you suggest some good brands? Have a great week, Isabella , Thank you! Hi Isabella, I’m looking to lose not necessarily weight, but to shed some of the excess fat on my stomach, back, etc (I’m working toward abs for Christmas ) If everything checks out, I plan to move on to the “Body Fuel System” plan. However, if you want to fuel your body with REAL FOOD, I wouldn’t recommend eating miracle whip and mayo (unless it’s homemade) during your 7-day shred! Shape into patties and dip in 1 beaten egg and coat in ground flaxseed. While it does take commitment, it’s so much easier to succeed over 7 days, than facing into an endless starvation diet. I have exactly 1 hr before I workout, what do I eat? thanks for your help. Fill your pantry with green and leafy vegetables, beans, lentils, whole grains, oatmeal, and brown rice. Hi, wanting to try the shred diet. is it ok to ad fruit in general or is it too high in sugar ? about the shredding diet: 1. Everybody is different and responds to food in a different manner. I am a little worried because I am naturally already quite slim, so would this diet be less effective on me? of tuna. The food in this meal plan will in fact keep you fuller because it is high in nutrients About the sweet temptations… do not feel like you cannot ever enjoy a treat every now and then, this kind of approach can make you crave them even more and result in binge eating… and weight gain. Hey Anna. By juices do you mean homemade juices? Eating clean actually detoxifies your body and gives you more energy if done properly, it’s no wonder that you are glowing and feeling energized! You can add the egg white right away or eat them on the side, whatever works best for you. You can use calorie count: I’ve lost about 3-4 pounds and can see a better definition with my body. , Welcome to MFS Raiza! Hi Lockie, basically you can eat clean all the time but during your 7-day shred, you might be limiting your caloric intake. As for the fat %, I wouldn’t worry too much, I always prefer opting for whole natural foods over the highly processed kind! Pan-fry and serve with salad. I work the overnight shift and breakfast is usually the last meal of my day. For meal 4 could I make a smoothie with some fruit and a scoop of whey? Eating is organized into four, calorie-controlled meals and three snacks at regularly scheduled intervals throughout the day. how much calories does this diet contains? I also learn how to make some super tasty sweets with healthy ingredients (you can browse through my recipes for ideas) and also, sometimes I’ll just treat myself to something sweet and not so healthy – moderation is KEY! cool great also another question with meal 3 can i substitute the tofu with option 2 with a can of tuna instead? I am very excited to do this shred. Sure thing Anne. And congrats on taking the step to a healthy lifestyle…. The difference was that I weighed everything out and had a cheat meal every week. I need to lose these extra pounds(midsection) I gain asap. It is important to … do you have a preference for which protein powder? Make sure you calculate your daily caloric needs to find out what’s right for you and then you can adjust the meal plan to your needs! Women benefit from muscle building diets … Something that isn’t a grain. yay! Quick question: I typically workout between meals 4 & 5. This is a great site, for both woman and men, and I was just seeing weather this is worth going for. have fun with it . Hope that makes sense. Is there a substitute for the cup of egg whites every morning? Is using Splenda to sweeten tea or lemonade ok? Bodyweight Jump Squats3.) Can you do this if your pregnant and trying to eat as healthy as possible? Make sure you are getting adequate calories. What should I replace it with? I’m so beyond excited. You can continue following this clean meal plan making sure that you are getting sufficient calories. I will use the calculator thank you. Protein: 60g. . Are the egg whites and oatmeal blended together n cooked or how does it work?? Is this meal plan intake all in one day for 7 days?? I personally follow P 120 C 100 T 40 for 60kg, 170 cm. The 7-day shredding meal plan is in this very post (see meal options and examples)…, Yes Ramy, you can! Have a great 7-day shredding week! Yes you can Gina, just don’t over do it I Tbsp should be enough! If its raw, can I make it only a quarter cup and add in a post-workout protein shake without having to skip one meal? Or would that throw the plan out of whack? Her mission is to spread a healthy, balanced and FUN approach to mind/body health & fitness, one that encourages growth, empowerment and a lavish dose of self-loving. Thanks. many times when you change your diet for healthier foods, your body goes through a cleansing process and that can also cause all sorts of digestive irregularities…. it’s ok but I recommend using natural and healthy sweeteners like stevia for example . I notice that Ezekiel bread is an option in the morning but not listed as a possible carb at the bottom of the meal plan. Hi Tatiana. For meal 3, option 3, what size is the portion of beans? women) and you’ve learned the habits that help you stay that way, that’s when something like The Get Shredded Diet can be a powerful weapon in your fat loss arsenal.. (P.S. To take meal 3 instead of meal 2 and vice versa? Didnt notice! Hi!!! Keep up the good work! You have listed in protein is chicken, turkey, extra lean beef etc., but there is no amount of how much there or in your meal options. In my experience, the best way to lose fat and feel energized is to stick to REAL food and stay active (and have fun along the way)! Any suggestions?? Thank you doll!! You can definitely reduce the portion sizes, we are all unique and have different needs, so please do make the necessary adjustments to suit your preferences. Just how much weight can you lose while on this plan? I was always told to weight products before thermal treatment. It can be difficult to change all of our bad habits all at once, and it sounds like you are doing pretty well and getting some nice results already. and with this diet what kind of exercise do you recommend? And finally, if the breakfast is too much for you so early in the morning, have a smoothie, or a banana before your workout sessions and you should be fine if you workout quickly after waking up , Im just going to start this plan for a kick up the backside – I just wanted to comment that having been on my fitness journey for a couple of years now now ive read A LOT of stuff out there and met a LOAD of people in this industry BUT ive never seen a fitness professional so inspirational, involved and sensible as yourself. I never recommend starving yourself or unnecessary deprivation. Thank you so much in advance. can i stay on this plan longer than 7 days, Hi Tyrone, There is no danger in eating healthy for a longer period of time, just make sure you are including enough calories into your diet… I personally think it does us more good than bad to have to occasional treat and eat something that we really crave even if it’s not the most healthy option out there . Hi, I want to start your 7 day shred, but I’m a little confused. I personally like to stick to foods that are closest to earth as possible (less processed)! Ginger: Hinders cholesterol absorption. Also, I noticed that you don’t include cheese, is cheese a no, no? When creating new habits and a lifestyle that works for you ((and your goals)), it is important to not categorize foods as “good” or “bad”, the idea is that you should want to fuel your lovely body with vibrant and healthy foods so that you can feel AWESOME! I usually eat “clean” on a regular basis but there are times when I get off track and use this meal plan to get back on the wagon, cleanse and reenergize my body… this can result in 1-3 pounds of weight loss (in my experience). Tips for a Former Fat Girl That Wants to Compete in Bikini and Figure, The Fat Loss Factor Book by Marc Lobliner, Cable Fly (Perform 1 giant set comprised of 5 drop sets), Use the rest-pause method; rest 30s between sets, Leg Extensions (Perform 1 giant set comprised of 5 drop sets), LISS Exercises - (Incline) Walking, Jogging, Swimming, Cycling, Elliptical. You can adjust the portions depending on these factors. On days I do HIIT it’s for cardio and I do 20min HIIT and 10-20min low impact depending on whether it is also a strength training day or not. I currently eat a low sugar muesli with greek yoghurt or 2 slices wholegrain bread toasted with avocado hummus or smoked salmon which I find really fills me up, could I still eat this on your plan? When you eat every 2-3 hours, your metabolism cranks up and it is normal to feel hungry more frequently! does this diet can be used by males also? There are no silly questions James You should be eating about 5-6 mini meals a day, if that does not work for you, you can have 3-4 bigger meals (just make sure that you are eating the approriate amount of calories for your weight and fitness goals). Keep it simple and balanced, use whole ingredients and spice your meals the way you enjoy eating it , I plan on starting this shred tomorrow. stilla little bit confused. If I feel hungry, which I probably will, can I add more veggies such as a bowl of broccoli or cabbage? can I add other fruits? I can already FEEL and SEE results. Keep eating whole foods & moving and see how you feel in a few days. yes… I’m in Croatia so it’s hard for me to say… . Great meal Plean, thank you for the Meal 4 Recipe..Thanks again! If I make like 5 chicken breasts to store in fridge and use as protein for meals do they only last 2 Days and go bad?? Keep us posted on your progress! Also, would you recommend low-fat Greek yogurt instead of nonfat? Go for it… ps. 1/2 cup uncooked. Thanksss, Hi Vanessa. The advantage of this short-term approach is that your body won’t go into full starvation protection mode. I wouldn’t personally go down to extreme fat loss (it simply isn’t necessary and you may end up frustrated, extremely deprived and hopeless) , Hi Isabella:) I just came across your site and it looks really great! I calculated my macronutrients and protein intake on this plan and tweaked it a little to better fit me. Find out more about me here. Hi Jade, it seems like this would be a good alternative (feel free to drink up the leftover milk ;)). Make sure you are eating enough and adjust the meal plan according to your daily requirements. Thanks for posting this detailed meal plan! Hi Veronica, listed in this article are 6 meals (per day), not days!

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