However, one huge tradeoff is altitude: … July 28, 2017 - Soloy Aviation (Booth 18, Main Aircraft Display Area), known for its turbine engine conversions, has introduced its first compression-ignition engined Cessna 182 Skylane, here at … There’s no zero fuel or max landing weight. Browse a wide selection of new and used Turboprop Aircraft near you at They removed the nose engine, lengthened the nose, and replaced the rear engine with a turboprop… For decades, the drumbeat has been steady—turbine airplanes are. TBO is 3500 hours. It also converts Beech B36TC Bonanzas into the Turbine Air via installation of a 500 HP PT6A-21. AIRCRAFT SALES. By the 1980s mod shops were bolting on turboprops in place of reciprocating engines and achieving impressive speeds, despite the challenges of assuring the airframe could handle the horsepower and juggling the fuel/payload equation on the small airframes. That’s about double the fuel burn of the Aerostar. The hourly cost of a turboprop single is $400-$500 less than a very light jet and requires about half the runway length at the tradeoff of only about 300 knots cruise. It keeps the 3.35 PSI max differential pressurization of the P210 and its max operating altitude of FL230. At the FL270 max operating altitude, the cabin is at 9500 feet. Gross weight is 7050 pounds, max landing weight is 6775 pounds and the published empty weight is 4650 pounds. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. “ The Cheyenne burns 50 percent more fuel per hour, but my block speed is around 10 percent faster and I buy the fuel for 25 to 35 percent less than avgas,” said Steve. Gross takeoff weight for the Mark I is 3600 pounds and advertised empty weight is 1908 pounds, giving a useful load of 1692 pounds. Gross weight is 4000 pounds; our test flight in 2010 showed an empty weight of 2699 pounds. Conversion with the -35 engines will cost approximately $887,000. Are there any major disadvantages over the equivalent piston engined / turboprop (putting aside the initial cost obviously). Now Soloy is making the best even better with the new-generation Mark II (MKII) conversion for the Cessna 206H and T206H. The modifications fall under separate names; we won’t try to sort out what company owns what other companies, suffice to say that if you go to, you’ll find further information on all the mods. Conversion price for the DL is $520,000; for the DLX, $590,000. In this report, we’ll look at the better-known ones. Explore. Using the optional Flint tip tanks, figure on a 45-minute reserve VFR range of 1175 miles and 5.6 hours endurance, at max cruise. Soloy Aviation It’s easy to get the impression that Soloy Aviation Solutions has been doing turbine conversions since there were turbine engines. Jet A is around $1 per gallon cheaper than avgas, but turbines burn substantially more fuel, so it will always be a major expense. Now he has sold his 260-KTAS single-engine turboprop and gets 225 to 232 KTAS from O&N’s new turboprop conversion of the pressurized Cessna 340—and a much lower fuel bill. Inertia Separator System 9. O & N AircraftBy installing a 450-HP Rolls Royce 250 B17F/2 in place of a TSIO-520 on a Cessna P210N and making numerous airframe mods, O & N Aircraft Modifications, Inc., in Factoryville, Pennsylvania, created the Silver Eagle. Whether you ascribe that phrase to Robert Heinlein's 1966 … Decrease landing distance by 50%. New Fuel Filter 15. With a total of 1,240 shaft horsepower on a 9,000-pound airframe, the takeoff and climb performance advantage over the Aerostar is significant. While the conversion is similar to a pressurized airframe, total usable fuel is less, 106 gallons and empty weights are lower because the airframe is not pressurized. Douglas DC-3. Cheyenne's old-school pressurization controls. Climb rate does peter out in the upper teens, however. With beta and reverse thrust, the Cheyenne also uses far less runway on landing. For more than five decades, active and dedicated aircraft owners and pilots have turned to AVIATION CONSUMER to answer their most important buying questions. Turbine Cougar BaronFinally, Rocket Engineering is flying a prototype pressurized Baron conversion it refers to as the Turbine Cougar Baron. We sell a variety of Blackhawk-powered aircraft featuring low … We’ve also observed that a Soloy 206 on takeoff is far quieter than a piston-powered 206, something important as population pressure continues to affect airports and lakes. Plus we consider the sheer ability to get up and out because of the extra horsepower to be a significant safety factor. Maintenance, including airframe, engine and APU, is estimated to cost … The current crop of turboprops have impressive performance and with additional tankage, short range isn’t the problem it used to be. Our experience is that such data can be a trifle optimistic, especially when it comes to cruise speeds and useful loads. Price to convert an existing P210N is $839,500 and includes an astonishing amount of work on the aircraft beyond the engine installation, such as a Garmin 600 package for the flight deck; new wiring throughout the aircraft; new, heavier horizontal and vertical stabilizer mounts; dual elevator trim tabs; air conditioning and new interior. And if you don’t want to thumb your nose at recommended overhaul intervals, there are maintenance plans that theoretically extend the life of many turbine engines by thousands of hours, often to the point that overhaul may not necessarily be a future responsibility for the average owner who only flies up to a few hundred hours per year. It has proven over decades of operation to be the most reliable and affordable (cost vs. capability) special mission platform on the market. On the ground at idle, the Cheyenne burns 30 gph. ☕ 1 min read. The Cheyenne II, weighing about 8,000 pounds, turned in a speed of 242 KTAS on 66 gph with a density altitude of 27,100 feet. There were only two practical … The zero-fuel weight is also 4100 pounds. Props are full-feathering and reversing and feature a choice of either a three-blade Hartzell or five-blade MT; we are quite interested in the noise footprint of the latter installation, as we suspect it’s low. Published TBO is 3600 hours with the hot section requirement dropped if trend monitoring is used. Any shop with PT6 experience should be able to take care of one. At $499,000, the airplane has a published cruise speed of 250 knots at FL250 while burning 29 GPH, according to Rocket Engineering. Steve said he nearly always climbs at 140 KIAS to turn in climb rates of 2,500 to 3,000 feet per minute. Operationally, pistons are more temperamental, especially those that are force-fed with turbochargers. History shows the Douglas DC-3 to be one of the greatest airplanes of all time. Lisa and Steve Lefferts’s turbine experience has been good so far. Looking at the DL, the economy version of the JetPROP, climbing to FL250 and operating at max cruise power generates a published true airspeed of 231 knots on a fuel burn of 28.4 GPH. But used twin turboprops from the 1970s and ’80s have drastically come down in purchase price, making the cost of entry close to that of high-end piston twins. This website contains many older reviews. American Aviation Inc.'s Pitot Cowls provide better intake airflow than the original intakes. For those who fly regularly where the avgas supply is iffy or who want a big performance bump and turbine reliability in an airframe that is as familiar as an old boot, these mods are worth serious consideration. With full standard tanks (no tips), 524 pounds can be carried in the cabin. The least expensive mod to emerge from the Rocket hangar is the TurbineAir, marketed under an offshoot company known as West Pacific Air LLC. Most of the cruise was at FL180 where speed worked out to 257 KTAS on 82 gph at our light weight of 7,200 lbs. On the glareshield are engine oil cooler, fuel pump (red), plus starter-generator switches (yellow). Silver Eagle IIO & N recently obtained an STC to carry out its Silver Eagle conversion on non-pressurized Cessna 210s. For instance, Malibu piston:- manages about 210 to 220 knots true … The Turbine Air initially climbs at 3,000 fpm, has a maximum altitude of 25,000 feet, and consumes 29 gph while cruising at 225 KTAS at FL180. A four-blade, reversing, full-feathering prop is standard with operating RPM at 2190, reducing flyover noise significantly. High Power DensityThe small size and high power density of turbine engines makes them attractive, as does the increasing difficulty of obtaining avgas outside the U.S. The option is also open to put the airplane on a Part 135 certificate if they purchase the MORE STC. The latter applies to Lisa as well. The piston airplane is only certified on wheels. On a flight from the Montgomery County Airpark in Gaithersburg, Maryland, to the John Glenn Columbus International Airport in Ohio, the Cheyenne II burned 100 gallons of Jet A and put 1.2 clicks on the Hobbs. They also own a small business and Steve is involved with a Part 135 charter operation. MORE (Maintenance on Reliable Engines) is an Arizona-based company that can extend the TBO based on condition observed during the hot-section inspections. ConclusionTurboprop conversions are not cheap. On the couple’s wish list is raising the glareshield slightly as the eyebrow lights and the top of the torque gauges are hard to see unless you lower your seat or crane your neck. With proper engine management … Loaded with full fuel, 350 to 400 pounds can be carried in the cabin. This is a required inspection halfway to the 3,600-hour Pratt & Whitney TBO. The Basler BT-67 is a utility aircraft produced by Basler Turbo Conversions of Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Thus far, 17 airplanes have been converted to fly at what Rocket shows as a max cruise of 290 knots at FL270. The 5.3 PSI pressurization system of the Malibu is retained. Fuel capacity is less than that of the 206, at 73 gallons usable with an optional 52-gallon aux tank system. ©2020 Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. Not bad for a six-place airplane, although  it’s not a fill-the-seats-and-fill-the-tanks machine. The first flight of the Cessna 172T aircraft took place at the turn of October and November 2015. Overhead panels include exterior lighting, anti-ice controls with volt and amp meters. A comfortable seven-seat cabin setup is roomier and more comfortable than the Aerostar the Lefferts family previously owned. Texas Turbine Conversions’ most recent and highly successful STC effort provides Cessna Caravan owners with unprecedented thrust, performance, and efficiency regardless of operating conditions. Single-engine turboprops put a dent in that theory starting in the 1980s with the introduction of the TBM series and Piper’s Meridian in 2000. Engine TBO is 3500 hours. 28 volt Electrical Generator Control System 14. A highly variable cost is hangars. If you’re seeking a cabin-class single that goes high and flies fast, Rocket Engineering converts the Piper Malibu and Mirage to turbine power. The standard conversion includes a 26.8-gallon fuel tank in the baggage compartment on top of the standard 90 gallons in the wings, giving 116.8 gallons of fuel. While some of the equipment, such as the Bendix attitude indicator and autopilot, are old, they work well and are still supported. “It’s not a free lunch—you have to keep certain components in tighter specs but complying with the STC, you’re way ahead of the cost of doing an overhaul at the factory TBO.” It should be noted that factory TBO for versions of the Honeywell (Garrett) TPE-331 have been extended to 5,400 hours and beyond as they’ve proven their reliability. Hartzell 3 Blade Propeller with Spinner 4. Cost of the conversion is $980,000. Landing over the same obstacle is published at 1094 feet. Climb performance down low is spectacular. While the couple loved the Aerostar’s fingertip handling and performance efficiency at altitude, the annual maintenance costs were on par with entry-level turboprops, specifically the Cheyenne II. We like what we see. As with the Mark I, cruise RPM is 1810. Not a member? New Fiberglass Cowlings 6. The Cheyenne's spacious baggage compartment holds all the family needs. 2009/2020 Jetprop DLX. Price for the basic conversion is on the order of $600,000, although we could not get exact details because the price of the engine fluctuates and, when we called Soloy to discuss this article, CEO Dave Stauffer declined to speak with us. … The Colemill Bearcat conversion for the Cessna 310R improves the aircraft's performance significantly. More Speed, More Climb, More Costs Turboprop conversions from pistons: big performance – at a price There's no such thing as a free lunch. Max gross weight is 4021 pounds which, with full fuel on top of an advertised standard empty weight of 2800 pounds, allows 416 pounds to be carried in the cabin. The BT-67 is a truly unique blend of efficiency and effectiveness. Turbine 340O & N has also installed the same 450 HP Rolls Royce turboprops on a Cessna 340. “On the trip to Florida, using that day’s actual winds and actual fuel loads and fuel pricing, the Cheyenne was within 5 percent of the Aerostar in fuel cost and, of course, shorter flight time—all with a hot beverage dispenser and a potty.” The Leffertses praise the general ease of use and simplicity of the Cheyenne as well as its excellent performance for the price. Power and speed—two of aviation’s touchstones—have been pursued as long as there have been airplanes and people willing to throw money at them. The Royal … Reduce take off roll by 40%. A Garmin 530W/430W combination is more than adequate for the Lefferts family. With 45-minute reserve up high, range is about 1000 miles and endurance about 3.5 hours. Handling-wise, the Cheyenne won’t be mistaken for the fingertip handling of an Aerostar. While we sometimes agonize over range and useful load, each of these airplanes has a reasonable tradeoff between cabin load and endurance. They also offer a similar conversion … Get the latest news on coronavirus impacts on general aviation, including what AOPA is doing to protect GA, event cancellations, advice for pilots to protect themselves, and more. “From what I can tell there is no other turboprop that will operate as economically. Despite turbine engines being significantly lighter than the piston mills they replace, the grim realities of higher specific fuel consumption and heavier fuel mean that the modifiers face a tough task in both finding space to carry sufficient fuel for any kind of range while still being able to carry anything in the cabin.

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