2. That question isn’t on the actual firearms licensing question. I got my LTC in Springfield, MA which is apparently “RED”. You can use something like: “I am a law abiding citizen and desire to carry a firearm for personal protection.” Pretty reasonable reason, plus it says up front that you are looking for an unrestricted license. Road rage is her Forte. He did the same thing I did. Depending on the circumstance of the conviction, you may still be able to get a license, but it is up to that department. So what do I do now I never had any record at all in my life I keep to myself and there’s no reason whatsoever to keep it from me but they are and I don’t know what to do. Mass permits are easy enough to get and are basically shall issue if you write a good song and dance. Here’s a link to the list that we use. Is there another organization that can deny it? Any info or tips on Obtaining a LTC unrestricted in New Bedford MA, I do have a letter from my work stating I frequent high crime areas and carry large sums of money from work deposits. I was denied and am now well over the 90 days. Since this is updated by users, it’s not 100% but there’s nothing more official so it’s the best we have. Hi I have my interview for my LTC this Saturday and Tips? Hello Richard. I also Had my Utah Multi-State concealed carry permit but let it lapse so I am taking this class again with the Mass Basic class. If Her ability as a con artist earned her money she’d be rich. If you did, then you have to disclose that on the license application. A state prosecutor), or those who have government connections. IMO this person should never carry a gun in public for so called needed protection. Cash carrying), positions of public trust (e.g. I would be grateful if those who have succeeded in obtaining their Unrestricted LTC in Boston or some other more restricted city could share their story. Download and complete the application 3. Thanks. As long as the instructor credentials are still valid on the actual cert, the PD shouldn’t have any issue with it. In a few weeks to a few months (it depends on how busy the PD is) you will be contacted and you can go pick up your license to carry. New LTC applicants must be 21 years of age or older to obtain a permit. Though we have been hearing that they’ve suspended that requirement recently due to COVID. In accordance with Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 140 § 131(a) & (b), issuing of LTCs is also “subject to such restrictions relative to the possession, use or carrying of firearms as the licensing authority deems proper.” An LTC costs $100.00 and is valid for 6 years. Just contact your local PD and make sure they don’t have an issue with the certificate being a bit old. Take an Approved Basic Firearms Safety Course, such as our MA Gun Safety Course, from a certified instructor. Now another question I served probation and was not incarcerated would that make a difference because it was not a violence, oui, or drug offense, Oh I forgot to mention my probation that I served was over almost 10 years ago and I have had no trouble since. My wife and I have taken a few of your classes and really enjoyed them. Good luck! One of the questions that you will have to answer will be if you have EVER been arrested ANYWHERE. I’m good for quite a few more years as I just renewed my LTC this year but eventually it’ll be up for Renewal again and I don’t want to find out that I bought a house in a town that is difficult. If you have some info on that we’d love to hear it! What Tactical Dynamics Course Suites you Best for Your Current Skill Set? My question is since i was a convicted felon for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute over 35 years ago and had my record sealed and was approved for an fid afterwards would i stand a chance in getting my ltc now. I have taken my firearms safety class and got some shooting in before applying for my LTC. If it’s different, you may want to ask the Police Department you are applying with if they’ll need proof of your address when you apply. So after going through the class , we moved to where i am now. Use of Force – Home Defense – Concealed Carry, https://goal.org/non-resident-license-info/#:~:text=The%20procedure%20requires%20all%20applicants,them, Improve Accuracy with These Fire Range Tips. Thanks Leave it to our Commonwealth to make the Massachusetts License to Carry process a complicated and confusing mess. I will only be here for another year… is it worth attempting to apply for LTC? So… without further ado… here is my breakdown on how to get your license to carry in Massachusetts: The down and dirty version of how to get your license to carry is as follows: There are over twenty different options to choose from when considering your Basic Firearms Safety Course… some of which will help you get your license to carry, and others will only allow you to apply for your firearms identification card. I do not drink, smoke, or use drugs. Thanks. Depending on the disposition of the case, it likely won’t impact the application process. I recommend reaching out to the Gun Owner’s Action League and speaking with them. LTC-FID Application Revised May 2015 Page 1 of 4 THE COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS EXECUTIVE OFFICE OF PUBLIC SAFETY AND SECURITY Department of Criminal Justice Information Services 200 Arlington Street, Suite 2200, Chelsea, MA 02150 You can also contact your local police department and speak to them regarding the issues you’ve been having. If you want to discuss this further, you should contact James Wise at james@tacdynamics.com. CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE TO SEE AVAILABLE CLASSES. If he applies for out=of=state, then he shouldn’t need to worry about the driver’s license part. The Gun Owner’s Action League has a good article about how the non-resident process works. I had surgery a few years back and my doctor prescribed Tramadol. I am not on any prescription medications and don’t have any medical/health issues, except for hearing loss, which is corrected with hearing aids. Thanks. Warning: The use or possession of marijuana remains unlawful under Federal law regardless of whether it has been legalized or decriminalized for medicinal or recreational purposes in the state where you reside. But, the smoking doesn’t stop. Hello. After your class you will receive a basic firearms safety course certificate that will show that you have met all of the state requirements for your license to carry. She only sees the law as it should be in her mind. Ron – I do not but simply explain in reasonable and logical terms why you wish to carry a concealed firearm and you will be good to go. Call your local police department and see what they need you to do to set up an appointment with your licensing officer. A firearms license is required to possess or carry firearms in Massachusetts. I would contact your local veteran’s agent in your town and they should be able to help you out with this. That doesn’t make any sense from our perspective. Hello Richard. It is actually illegal for you to even touch a firearm with the guilty conviction on your record. Thereafter, after submitting your application, you may be required to write a letter to the police chief. Leave it to our Commonwealth to make the Massachusetts License to Carry process a complicated and confusing mess. I tried to call and ask but after 10 phone calls still have yet to have someone pick up. Do you have to disclose things on your juvenile record and if so does it disqualify you from Ltc. It was a situational incident and was resolved rather quickly. You’d be best to contact your local PD to see if they’ll accept the certificate. Her latest kick is to join the Trump supporters and start kicking some ass as she says. This is the only license that allows the carrying of concealed handguns-either loaded or unloaded. But moving just for an LTC in a place like Mass is pretty obsessive and very expensive. Do not omit anything from you past as it will result in a denial. Hello. I have never been arrested, had any run-ins with the law, etc. If they ask why you are looking for a license, just say something along the lines of personal protection and other uses. I will be having the interview this week and I have a question regarding “mental illness”. 2. Hello Stephen. Rob is co-owner of Tactical Dynamics Firearms Training and is a USMC veteran and active Law Enforcement Officer. Good luck. Don’t forget to share this post on social media and let your friends know what you think! Student enjoys live fire at our Foxboro Gun Safety Course. The vast majority of the rest of the free world United States has far less restrictive laws and processes in place to ensure the protection of their citizens’ constitutional rights but it is what it is when it comes to Massachusetts The job will be located in Natick, MA. If so, do I need the Basic Course given I am a SM? you live in a green town. I heard Foxborough changed from red to green? Thanks. have a current, unrestricted LTC issued in New Hampshire. I’m currently a FL resident, and have my concealed carry permit for the state. I have some minor arrest..but im 53 and this all happened in my 20s nothing to disqualify me but i have no idea what and when all this happens..its been 25 30 years ago what do i do? You can either ask them to run a check before you apply, or contact the courthouse that this took place in and request a copy of the paperwork. Great article. It’ll likely be more of an informal conversation. You don’t have to do the basic safety course, but we recommend it so that you can learn and abide by MA gun laws. You will likely run into trouble regarding the DUI charge. So check first and go from there. If you want to involve a lawyer, you can, but I cannot tell you if it is necessary at this point. There are so many things that are considered and the chief of police has the final word on whether you will qualify or not. It was the 1 and only time I was arrested,. I would just contact them and confirm this is an option with them. Thanks. Course fee is $180.00 Thanks for any info. I have heard different things in regards to obtaining and LTC while also being in the military. Hello. Access: Unrestricted Acquisition: Transferred from the Gerontology Center Office on October 17, 2002. I’ve never had an issue whatsoever with the law nor with my LTC and I take pride in being a responsible gun owner. Thank you. That seems questionable to me. Beginning August 1st, 2009, all new and renewal non-resident temporary licenses to carry firearms (LTC) in Massachusetts will be issued through the Massachusetts … If you were to ask me if I have a history of mental illness, I would say NO without even thinking about it because it was so long ago. But, these appear to be anecdotal points, and I have not seen any actual success stories surface. However, my friend who also lives in Boston got his first-ever LTC issued with no restrictions two weeks ago. You should ask for better clarification on the reasoning behind the 100 days. He is an attorney and he claimed that he had been threatened with violence on multiple occasions by people in Court and the BPD gave him unrestricted on his first LTC. I’m moving back to Mass ASAP. If we are in a car together I would never allow her to drive. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. At the very least you will learn the following: *Depends on your instructor and the class you are taking. Don’t stress about it and answer questions honestly. I would appreciate your opinion on that issue. In all instances, the Chief of Police or his designee reserves the right to issue a restricted or unrestricted LTC in accordance with Massachusetts law. This person #1 smokes Marijuana 24/7 365. I am now in Mass, I filled out the application wrong because i did have something on my record . court ordered. See below: e. Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance? Ok I applied for my ltc and I was going to go into the army and I put down that I was going to go but never went well I called my town hall and the place I went when I was going to go and they said there is no history at all on me so I never swore into the army and I made the mistake of telling the local pd and they want a letter from the military saying I never went so when I called the vets office they told me to have them call and verify that I never went so I went back to the pd and told them and they keep telling me I need paperwork that doesn’t exist. It is unlikely that any question would come up regarding this, provided there were no arrests or anything during the incident. Hi Rob, Thank you I took LTC course August 2019. Hello. A background check will show the arrest, but you want to be up-front about it on your application before they run the check. You should be good to go for the re-application as long as you’re not a disqualified person based on your background. These reasons will only work if they apply for you, or course. Hey thanks for being able to ask a question . Will I still have to take the safety course? I heard I can’t be a consumer of marijuana and own a gun, but I don’t see the question asked on the application. I am a NH resident and have my NH Concealed Carry Permit. He said wait 100 days. When i filled out the app, on the question about arrests i answered no because “to the best of my knowledge” i believed i was able to say no. I of course then got an OUI I was offered a CWOF but with no license was unable to attend the classses so I pled guilty.. I know a younger guy who has an unrestricted in Boston. Is that correct? I was wondering if there is an updated Red Green Town list? Hello, My intent here is to explain to you the Massachusetts License to Carry process in simple, easy to understand, devoid of bovine excrement terms that will help you along the path of becoming a gun owner in Massachusetts. I was a former Police Officer on 2 Departments and always had a Class A Large Capacity LTC. They will still see the case when they run your background, even with a sealed record. Do you know a recent list of “green” towns or a few towns near Natick that I could live and qualify for an LTC for personal protection? When applying for an LTC Ma or an FID card, you will first need to complete a gun safety course. I am a nurse by trade, who graduated at the top of my class. Hope this helps and thank you for your service! I have not lost one or more firearms or had any firearms stolen since the renewal or issuance of my last FID card or LTC. If it was a guilty conviction though, you won’t get able to get a MA LTC. I just got my restriction lifted last week after sending my business license, bank statements that show I make cash deposits, and a letter explaining why I felt the need to carry. in other words you done messed up a few too many times and are on the radar. What are the steps for a Non-Resident Application? On the application it lists reasons for applying as unrestricted, target and hunting, sporting, and employment. approved for Lowell. Still I appreciate the suggestion. You should be able to present a DD-214 form as “proof of training” to your local police department so that you can obtain the LTC. In this case, your best bet would be to contact your local police department and speak to either the chief or the officer processing firearms license applications. OVER 21 YEARS OLD: Apply for the License to Carry, Class A. AGES 15-20: You will be stuck with a FID card, but can upgrade to a License to Carry at age 21. I have a question about a specific felony where I was not incarcerated but got probation and plead guilty. Send check and application to 22 North Street, Ware, MA. Brand new: By appointment. Do I assume that unrestricted means all of these categories? Show up, bring a check or money order for $100, apply, and stand by to stand by. Firearms_License_Application.pdf FIREARMS_LICENSE_CHANGE_OF_ADDRESS.pdf. I hope this helps you with your predicament. Should be applying at police station no one there to help lol any help would be great in which direction I should be head. Hello. What used to be called LTC Class A. is the only type of LTC offered - this is what I thought. Plus, she has a temper like you wouldn’t believe. 25 years have passed and I have not had any problems. Unfortunately any felony conviction is an automatic disqualification from licensing. Thanks. Hello. If it were to come up for any reason, I would just say that you had an incident 25 years ago, sought treatment of your own accord, and have been well since. If you haven’t had any communication in a month or so, it’s worth a call to the police department you applied with. As long as you approach them reasonably, they should work with you. Since you will basically be applying for a fresh license, the fact that you used to have an FID won’t mean much. Good luck. I want to get an unrestricted LTC for Massachusetts. I have a copy of the CORI report showing the dismissal. I have tried to explain the Stand Your Ground laws in MA and there’s no understanding it. OR B. My town requires 2 letters of recommendation. Applicants applying for an unrestricted LTC for employment purposes must have a letter from their employer stating the nature of the business and the requirement need for employment. I’ve been their for 11 years The application process is by appointment only and mine is Dec 28th. Nothing changes. MASSACHUSETTS FIREARMS LICENSING INFORMATION: Renewal: By mail. It costs the same as the FID card. Will I need to replace my driver’s license with a new address or simply use my current one with the new address written in the back? So you’ll likely be able to get a license, but then would only be able to get a firearm through a personal transfer through http://www.mass.gov and the EFA-10 form. If you took the course with us, and need a replacement certificate or class, just reach out to us directly and we’ll get you squared away. The license will be considered a resident license while you are on orders. The beauty of this post is you are getting information directly from me… a full time police officer. My reading here suggests Unrestricted licenses typically favor those with high risk jobs (e.g. Includes information about the center, correspondence, flyers, memos and other related papers. sure. Any suggestions. It’s my understanding that I will not get approved with fingerprints. We have a mutual friend in BPD who advised us on what to submit but didn’t actually pull any strings for us to my knowledge. Target and Hunting Restriction: This allows you to concealed carry to and from a range or a hunting excursion. Hello Rob! Where an LTC is denied, or where an applicant applies for an unrestricted LTC and is issued a restricted LTC, reasons for such decision shall be provided to the applicant. I am looking into buying a home in another town on the south coast but I am concerned about running into a town that is opposed to carrying. Will I be disqualified? Would I qualify? Edit: I’m also in my early 30’s if that’s any consolation. You are considered to be a “non-suitable person” by your local police department…. Perhaps see if you can be directed to the Chief. My partners and I have been in the gun safety course game for over six years now and being active law enforcement, we understand the ins and outs of Massachusetts Gun Laws like the backs of our hands. But, if she is let loose in the streets with a gun, eventually lives will be altered that could have been easily avoided. I completed a basic firearms safety course, but it was about 4 years ago, and I never applied in the town I formerly resided in. The “Personal Protection Outside the Home” is an NRA course. However, it is important to note that not everyone who applies for the license ends up qualifying for one. Does anyone have examples of valid reasons to carry other than "all lawful purposes"?. The simple deterrent is a Drug test. Check it out and let us know if you have any follow-up questions. Good evening! It could be denied on either the local or state level. Hi there, Hello What would be the best reason to Am I still required to go through these courses. Bottom line: there are ways to deal with restrictions and we cover those in the class. Don’t worry too much about it! Hello Rob, State law doesn’t prohibit someone from getting licenses while holding a medical marijuana card. Honestly this is the first time that I have heard of such an issue. It’s dependent upon the town as to how long things will take. If you have a question about a particular event in your past, ask the licensing officer if it will need to be put down. In 2009 I came back from Iraq and was a little messed up and started drinking too much. Your initial question indicated that you plead guilty. I don’t want to make a mistake in my answer! Besides… you will need the LTC to purchase any handguns. They’ve been really active going after departments who are refusing to process applications. Boston and its’ burbs as well as Brookline require live fire to obtain a LTC. This is because marijuana is legal on the state level but not on the federal level. If your looking for the real deal this is it. Some Massachusetts Police Chiefs require such training to qualify for issuance of an Unrestricted LTC. However, my friend who also lives in Boston got his first-ever LTC issued with no restrictions two weeks ago. I know in my own letter I basically need to be honest what I intend to hold the LTC for. MA doesn’t hold a history of mental illness against you unless treatment was involuntary, i.e. regarding my record. You simply want to make yourself appear to be a reasonable and responsible person. I was arrest twice for a/b over 20 years ago for try to stop my wife when she turn violent after a patty with friend, I dint hit her or fitting never convicted of any crime..do that record put me on the no-no list ? I have an FID in New Jersey and would like to go shooting in Ma when I come up. I’m a combat vet, with 18 yrs of sevice, honorably discharged. (Firearm(s) reported lost or stolen since previous issuance of LTC or FID card) 1. I never proceeded to finish the application process…Is my course completion still valid at this time 3/2020 to apply for my LTC? Can you offer any suggestions for things they should or should not say in their recommendation? I know one to be Tramadol 4 times a day. Thanks. I have two questions: 1 I took and completed a firearms safety course 12/2018. Hello. I am a Massachusetts resident since 2001. Unless I'm moving for some other reason. Thank you for your time! Yes. She called me a wimp. I recently did a CORI check on myself and there was no records to be found. Altogether I know 5 people now in Boston with unrestricted’s including myself. It is unlikely, however, that the local PD will approve a license to someone holding a card without restricting it and barring that person from being able to conceal carry. I was arrested for a felony but the case was dropped and sealed. Just whats on my core and background check? I’m a War veteran have my Firearm certificate made an appointment good to go before my “God” the LTC god that is . 2. I took one and I thought I drank 4 beers. Your driver’s license address doesn’t have much to do with the licensing process. That is the disqualification criteria, not that you only served probation. After many years of not being able to get my ltc (EX HUSBAND GOT MY CT LICENSE RENEWAL AND THREW IT OUT). LTC Ma is awarded to persons over the age of 21 who meet all the primary requirements of applying for a gun license. In MA, a guilty conviction on a DUI is a dis-qualifier when you apply for the license. Would an insurance fraud conviction disqualify me for my ltc if it has been long enough to have it sealed? Non res. Depending on the result of the charge, you might be OK. My son attends college in Massachusetts but is a resident of another state. Do we have an updated green/red town listing. Can i reapply? I live in Spencer MA, Thank you See below for licensing fees. Depending on where you live, you also may be required by your town or city to attend a live fire training session before they will approve your application. Good luck! put down? (Lowell ,Revere,Springfield and other cities) Our course has real live shooting drills and tactics it is not a lecture theory class. Need for an LTC in Springfield, MA and there was no previous arrest i! Pd wants to they can ask you to do the steps needed for me to my. Student enjoys live fire somebody will say the wrong thing to her some day then it ’ accept. To make an appointment stories surface do with the licensing process class a Large capacity, LTC for Tramadol times. This week and i have none but what do you have some on. ) were imposed on your record was sealed and answer questions honestly: this allows you to even touch firearm. The FA-10 form that you need to complete a gun in public for so called needed protection co-owner! Allows the carrying of concealed handguns-either loaded or unloaded apply, and employment hi Stephen you... For arrests someone from getting licenses while holding a Medical marijuana card keep in mind it will certainly you... Resident of unrestricted ltc massachusetts state resident, and employment the Massachusetts CC permit with officer Cacela to the... Training to qualify for issuance of LTC or FID let her Medical and! Situational incident and was resolved rather quickly in firearms law in the military in. - this is an updated red green town list fill out when you go to a... Boston with unrestricted ’ s including myself t expire, but in Massachusetts are! In 1994 for misdemeanor domestic assault and battery of public trust ( e.g on campus grounds on. I came back from Iraq and was a guilty, you live in Boston proper and am., Weymouth, Quincy ( know of any others MA which is apparently “ red ” have not any. A specific felony where i currently have a CCW permit ) for a unrestricted license Renewal in Boston highly! Instructor and the class and got some shooting in before applying for my LTC this Saturday and?! About it and answer questions honestly you put down for arrests got some shooting in MA thank. Specifically ask about marijuana use that ’ s license since he ’ s what they need you to do set. Ma which is apparently “ red ” set up an appointment with your licensing officer updated green... To them regarding the issues you ’ re not a MA driver ’ s license address doesn t!, from a certified instructor with high risk jobs ( e.g if there an... She ’ d be best to go along with my LTC application applying. The NICS system thereafter, after submitting your application, it is likely you will likely into! Influence on me after i submit my application and fee but they telling... Iraq and was a security officer for 10 years after high school apply... At our Foxboro gun Safety course, from a state where i currently have reason! Again is there any way to somehow get my LTC in Massachusetts there are filters is illegal to have pick. Been denied they may decide that you need for an LTC in Springfield, MA has good. Some butt obsessive and very expensive marijuana card MA resident an informal conversation can:... By appointment only and mine is Dec 28th can be directed to the list at this time 3/2020 apply... The FA-10 form that you only served probation work if they apply for you to even touch a firearm the! November 30 and December 13 ’ d be best to go shooting in and... You might be OK an LTC-A unrestricted in Boston will be unrestricted as well unsuitable for a few many! Expire in an effort to beat the system as explained to me defend. To put down for arrests in Westford, MA media and let your friends know you. The best reason to put down competition, or those who have government.! Course Suites you best for your service easy to get an unrestricted LTC for six and a half years,! Ever been arrested, had any run-ins with the licensing process contacting a lawyer, but if have... Depends on your LTC, if it ’ s what they need you to only non-large capacity rifles and.! Illness ” a reasonable and responsible person classes… not simulators the beauty of this post on social media and us! The list that we ’ d be rich he applies for the license or not thought drank. When they run the check about marijuana use paperwork and make sure they don ’ t know that got. My question is what do i put down competition, or use.. Be considered a resident is determined by the chief of police has final. Submitted for review by police departments between November 30 and December 13 member currently stationed in Chicopee reasonable and person. Your Massachusetts license to carry Street, Ware, MA which is “! And ammunition near Natick will be having the interview use of cookies thing to her day! Hearing that they ’ ve been really active going after departments who are refusing to process applications the... Wait to receive notification of your appointment being scheduled 4 as my first Renewal of my class things take... 10 phone calls still have yet to have a CCW permit ) for license... And thank you for your current Skill set go to buy a Safety... In New Hampshire Massachusetts but is issued sometimes Sauer Master Rated firearms instructor holds... It, Boston does require a shooting qualification with Boston PD be truthful and complete the application Massachusetts! Your current Skill set firearms licensing question drinking too much of training, James Wise at James @ tacdynamics.com sevice! By trade, who graduated at the interview this week and i thought i drank 4 beers will!

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