God of War is a third person action-adventure video game developed by Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Making God of War: Ragnarok a PS5 exclusive would be an effective strategy to get players to upgrade their console. God of War riceverà un upgrade gratuito su PS5 che offrirà ai giocatori una modalità "prestazioni" con 60fps e la possibilità di importare i salvataggi. (The old Spidey PS5 'loading' demo like a year ago convinced … I say that it will be a PS5 game because the God of War sequel hasn’t even been announced yet. God of War is among the games that will be playable on the PS5, and Sony Santa Monica has just dropped the details on what boosts and benefits players can expect from the new system. Uno dei titoli più importanti della generazione corrente, che sta per "lasciare" la scena alla next-gen è senza dubbio God of War… Yes, the single-player game released back in 2018 just got a new patch! In another odd move, Santa Monica also confirmed that save files would transfer from your PS4 to the PS5 for God of War. Gran Turismo 7 … God of War PS5 "favor performance" option will allow the game to run up to 60 frames per second. This is the same PS4 version running on PS5. God of War on PS5 will offer a 60fps mode by Marc October 27, 2020 With Sony recently confirming that over 99% of its PS4 library will be playable on the upcoming PS5 , many developers have begun to provide details on how these titles will work on Sony’s next generation console. The game's called God of War Ragnarok by the looks of things and it's out in 2021. ... Naughty Dog Shows Us The PS5 Upgrade For The Last of Us Part 2. PS5 games are going to be full of 'surprises' teases God of War's Cory Barlog In an interview with The Telegraph, PlayStation CEO Jim … God of War Ragnarok may not be a PS5 exclusive, according to a recent interview with a top PlayStation executive. God of War 2018 is already uncapped FPS anyway so it will probably hit 60 on PS5 regardless. ... God of War… Now, don’t get excited, as there’s no new content. Sony Interactive Entertainment and SIE Santa Monica Studio have revealed a new God of War game -- tentatively called God of War 2 -- for the PS5, the follow up to 2018's God of War … PS Now On PS5 – Watch PS3 Title God Of War Streaming In Action Below. One of the games set to take advantage of this is 2018’s God of War, which will be playable at 60fps on the PS5. God of War will be continuing onto the PlayStation 5 generation, with a new game set in the time of Ragnorok coming in 2021.With that in mind, it's perhaps easy to guess which other PlayStation 4 games may be getting a similar treatment. God of War is just one of many PS4 games that will be receiving upgrades on PS5. Seems odd to require a PS5 to add the collection titles to your library. This subreddit is dedicated to discussion of the games and sharing news about … PlayStation Exclusive God of War 2018 will be available as a free upgrade on the PS5. Kratos is staying in the frozen north for a while. For God of War on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Ps5 upgrade". Please note – at the time of recording, it’s unknown if domestic datacenters … Final Fantasy 15, God of War, The Witcher 3 Final Fantasy 15, God of War 2018, and The Witcher 3 all either shipped, or eventually received a PS4 Pro and One X patch that gave the game a … By Nathan Birch. In an interview with the Telegraph, Ryan is asked point-blank if the upcoming sequel to our game of the generation, would be an exclusive on the recently released console. Seems to me like there’s no downside in allowing players to ‘bank’ the titles in readiness for when they are able to get a PS5. However, at time of writing, there are very few games that are exclusive to the console -- i.e., not available for the PlayStation 4. Maybe it will be cross generational and release a version for both consoles. Even for those with a PS4 and a PC are more likely to upgrade after playing the PC port, as it would speak … Sony just revealed the God of War follow-up for PS5 Ragnarok! God of War Update 1.34 October 15 Patch Notes: My day 1 ps4 downloads look to be like this so far: Sekiro; Tsushima; God of War; Last of Us 2 (60 fps please happen) No confirmed update for LoU2. — Lance McDonald (@manfightdragon) October 23, … “PS5 Upgrade Available” Label to Appear on PS4 Games Offering Smart-Delivery-Style Updates. God of War Ragnarok was only announced during the September PS5 presentation, and it’s unclear how long Sony Santa Monica has been working on the title. Given the lead time needed to work on a game as large of God of War, we wouldn't expect a new title until after the Holiday 2020 release of the PS5. Sure, it may not impact old PS4 games much, if at all (certain games like The Last of Us Part II and God of War do have updates that make use of … With God of War Ragnarok slated to release next year, players are naturally wondering if it will be a next-gen exclusive or if it will release cross-gen on both PS4 and PS5. Almost certainly it will be a PS5 game. Select Free PS5 Upgrade instead of Copy Follow the on-screen button prompts to download the PS5 Upgrade Know that not every PS4 game has a free upgrade available on the PS5. Like The Last Guardian, God of War’s best PS5 enhancements are restricted to the game’s physical version. I’m not sure why they wouldn’t considering God of War isn’t getting a PS5 upgrade. God of War won Game of the Year 2018. God of War and LoU2 have adaptive feedback on the dualsense that apparently feels amazing. Sep 11, 2020 13:25 EDT Share Tweet Submit. It looks like Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales won't be the only first-party title being released on PS4 and PS5, with Sony CEO Jim Ryan all but confirming that God of War 2 will not be a PlayStation 5 exclusive.. Additionally, this also means that God of War 2018 will be a free upgrade for those who already own it. The Game Awards 2020 Predictions – Elden Ring, The Last Of Us 2 PS5, Battlefield 6, God of War Ragnarok & More. Breaking! However, we could well see a … It includes Sony hits like God of War and Uncharted 4 as well as third-party games like Final Fantasy XV and Resident Evil 7. The Playstation 5 is 99% backwards compatible with the PS4 library — with a very small number of notable exceptions — but that doesn’t mean all your games will play better than before. God of War PS5. The PS5 is already selling millions of consoles and it's only been out about a month. The first PS5 game on … Knowing the PS5 was coming, I purposefully avoided purchase or playing further until the new console. GOD OF WAR. Here’s a weird update for God of War fans, Sony Santa Monica has released the God of War update 1.34 October 15 patch! If you’ve never played it, you can either buy it at your retailer of choice for about $20, or you can buy PlayStation Plus and play it with other titles, including Days Gone, The Last … With the Vita, having so many Vita games in my library from Plus before I owned one was a strong influencer in driving me to get it. This is indeed great news for the fans who are looking forward to switching to the next-gen PS5. While Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Horizon Forbidden West are also available on PS4 Pro, God of War 2, Demon's Souls and Final Fantasy 16 will be PS5 only. Didn't bother with TLOU2, GoT, even God of War and Spiderman PS4 I never finished. imagine sony portfolio if they updating the big block buster games. SIE Santa Monica Studio has also confirmed that saved game transfers. Marvel's Spider-Man is confirmed to be getting a remastered port, but it's only available to purchasers of Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition.