It could also be damage from a late freeze, but this should show up in spring. USDA Zones 6a - 9b. 'Magland', commonly sold under the trade name of OAKLAND, ... and can both self-fertilize and pollinate other hollies. individuals is – well, wrong. Still, they've all continued to fill in tremendously, and bush out and up. Nellie Stevens Hollies thrive on neglect. I love the dark green and size of the leaves - with your hand in the photo for perspective it certainly gives me a better idea (beautiful color and great size! Light Needs. Easy one-time treatment. Thank you for making this post! Slow growing, not getting as huge as Leylands is my priority, but as we want them for privacy, not too slow growing... Hard to find that middle ground! USDA Zones. Private, Commercial & Non-commercial training and education. a branch sport from the original plant. OAKLEAF HOLLY CARE: The Oakleaf Holly prefers full sun and a somewhat moist but well-draining and slightly acidic soil. We usually carry the ‘Warren’s Red’ variety, a female holly with rich red berries during the winter. Oak Leaf holly (Ilex x “Conaf”) is a hybrid in the Red Holly series.It has outstanding potential as a standalone specimen or massed with others of its kind in a glorious hedge. OAKLAND(TM) RED HOLLY PP14417 Ilex x 'Magland' This Red Holly has evergreen foliage that is similar to Oakleaf, but differs in that it has a denser branching habit. The Oakland Holly from the Southern Living Plant Collection is perfect for adding some reliable structure to your landscape! Oakland Holly has a natural, pyramidal form, handsome enough to be a specimen tree. It grows into a dense pyramid without needing pruning and will grow 15 feet tall, and eventually 20 feet tall, with a width of between 8 and 15 feet, depending … This is the holly we love by looking at photos online, they seem fairly hardy, but I'm unsure of size (after having been told the Leyland's wouldn't get as large as they did. Simply plant the saplings acquired from The Tree Center 5 to 6 feet apart in a single row to develop a dense privacy screen. They are full - great for screening or as a specimen. I still shudder thinking about the mess and cost to remove all our leyland cypress, and now our neighbors are in the same boat. zone 7b here, and i, too, am taking out conifers (recently planted arbs). I've yet to read of anyone recently whose had them. Oak Leaf holly yellows some in the winter but has shown no sign of winter injury in Ilex hybrid 'MAGDEN' PP30451. Oakland Holly - 3 Gallon Pot A superb holly that you can grow as a large shrub or remove lower branches to form a very attractive small tree 15 to 20 feet in height, the Oakland Holly is admired for its distinct and handsome oak leaf-shaped leaves that emerge a burgundy color before maturing to a rich olive-green. Good resistance to diseases and pests. and persist through most of the winter. Embothrium, I did not know Leyland's originated in the UK. Oak Leaf holly is an upright grower capable of reaching 20 feet in height with a spread Oak Leaf has evergreen, dark green leaves that emerge purple-green in the spring. Shrubs with Style. I've yet to find anyone who has planted them, and that's what I was hoping to hear! Nellie Stevens Hollies are lovely, but they do get quite large at the base. You might be surprised to know that, unlike many other Hollies, the new leaves that pop out in the spring on this evergreen start out bronze or even burgundy-colored. Oak Leaf and Oakland are both large plants suitable for use as specimens, hedging Watering about every 3 days, except when it rained. 2ManyDiversions thanked 1818 Federal (7bEC), Plano's Trusted Kitchen & Bath Remodelers, Bar and Counter Stools With Free Shipping, Rhododendron root rot phytophthora question. Stereotyping such beautiful and useful plants based on experience with just a few individuals is – well, wrong. You might also consider Fosters holly. The two different names 'Conaf' and 'Magland' would be designating two different plants. USDA Zones. Those can get HUGE. Oh, mine are Oakleaf. End of the 3rd summer the ficus was not only alive, it was the healthiest I'd ever seen it. In 2002, Magee patented Oakland Holly (‘Magland’), a son-of-Oak Leaf that arose as It will probably take slightly longer to grow to its full height but will … Oakleafs don't grow quite as fast as Nellie Stevens. Water Requirements: Average Water Needs; Water regularly; do not overwater. not sure if this is enough to draw what you're speaking of. In 2002, Magee patented Oakland Holly (‘Magland’), a son-of-Oak Leaf that arose as a branch sport from the original plant. Even though they are pretty darned small now! I tried just about everything under the sun and after 2 years of failures it was looking dead. I have conaf and it’s a tight 6 ft pyramid and has been easy to keep pruned,beautiful glossy leaves but no berries for me. Making sound choices for families and ourselves. Thus far, no issues. Planting Oakleaf Holly. quite achieve it. The handsome evergreen leaves are instantly recognizable. Ilex x 'Magland' Oakland™ PP14417 Red Hybrid Holly. The lot is not big and I would not like to waste so much precious space for a fence. Slower growing, not quite as dense, but equally hardy with berries. Herbs, native plants, & reference desk QA. United States Plant Patent PP#14,417 issued December 23, 2003. 'Magland' grows 12 to 20 ft. tall and 8 to 15 ft. wide. 1818 Federal, here is one photo I snapped this morning, and I'm tossing in another I took last week (it shows our sunflower patch, part of our pond, et al, sorry): So the Oakleaf Hollies are the 2 on your right (the taller is a Hinoki Cypress I fell in love with, it was quite a bit larger, mature). The University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture does not promote, support Provide slightly acidic soil. Have you considered Foster Hollies? Mary Nell, a non-patented female clone, was named in 1981. I'm starting to see more of them planted around here in Northern VA. Height: 14 Feet. Another important improvement is that this variety is self-pollinating. It does not require pruning. Dave, how incredibly thoughtful and helpful! Back to Previous Page. While I'd love to have berries, I would rather have a screen, although not as fast growing and large as Leylands and Nellie R. Stevens. They have been in maybe 8 years from 7 gallon plants and are now about 15 feet tall and 9 to 10 feet wide. Golden Oakland® Holly. Oakland holly is one of our finest tall, upright, evergreen shrubs for sun or shade and for big parts of Texas. @2ManyDiv- update Oakleaf pics are appreciated when you can. Foliage is medium green and has spines. The University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture does not maintain lists of retail I'll take some pics tomorrow and upload them for you : ) We're remodeling, and tonight DH and I have 'remodel work plans', which is our version of Date Night now! As you can see (I hope!) Embothrium, you are exactly right, we made a mistake using another soil. We have other hollies that don't produce berries if I prune them off - I try to not do that, but sometimes prefer that to scraggly branches poking out. What’s wrong with my plants? Holly 'Oakland' Ilex . Increase your knowledge of public issues & get involved. Commercial row crop production in Arkansas. They get wide, and you can only trim back hollies to a certain degree. Even staggard, those Oakleaf Hollies will eventually grow together and outward, covering the majority of the berms. in Semmes, Ala., when he made the cross in 1962. The one to the furthest right has some brighter green twigs sprouting from the top - those just popped up this week. It maintains its pyramidal shape with little to no pruning. They also have a better winter color when you compare them side-by-side, IMO. Interesting... even more so that they can get over 100 ft.! Good to hear the color is nicer than Leylands, and they are denser. see internet pics. Each has its own personality and charm and should be judged on its own merits. The new variety possesses an upright, pyramidal growth habit, flowers which produce functional pollen and ovaries, attractive orange-red fruit, unusual dull green foliage, and distinctly arranged leaf serrations. Zone: 6 to 9 Culture : Full sun to partial shade. They have silvery bark and are a lighter green color than Nellie, but make a big crop of red berries in the winter. I like the idea of staggering them.Also, hollies seem to respond well to fertilizing. Share on facebook. for specimens with other lower plantings around them maybe 20 feet. It has the general look of Oak Leaf but is more compact with the leaves spaced more closely on the stems. They all had red berries from last fall, and new flower buds all over. Noteworthy Characteristics. Oak Leaf holly is an eye-catching evergreen shrub that grows as tall as 20 feet. The plant has both male and female flowers. Magee introduced five red hollies, but Oak Leaf is the of at least eight feet. It has performed well in clay or sand One of the benefits it has over other holly trees such as the Leaf: Evergreen. Nurseries in Poplaville, Miss. I don't think you're pruning yours, right? Gaining garden smarts and sharing skills. I just planted two Oakland hollies at a local school, on each side of the entrance this September on a south facing wall. It is a superb evergreen grown as a small tree up to 15 feet in height. Ah, the diversity of shrubs. Each has its own personality and charm and should be Ilex hybrid 'Magland' PP14417. Also, anyone know a good source online for purchasing trees - I'm loathe to do so, but where I live we can only fine Nellie Stevens, and I know those'll be too big. Qualms ordering from them again chosen that offers sufficient clearance for it ’ s.! Somewhat moist but well-draining and slightly acidic, well-drained soil Oakland are both large plants suitable for your region grow! Please check your local nursery or other retail outlets where these originated - has Leyland Cypress planted 19 ago! Feet wide well before the cold weather sets in he Southern Living plant Collection perfect! To draw what you 're pruning yours, right am remaining doubtful despite what saw... Planting method, almost brooding form in the winter good stuff! ) and after 2 and! If the two different names 'Conaf ' both so helpful yet ), and bush and. Late, about 1-1/2 weeks after arrival at 15 to 20 ft. tall, with the spaced... Filled out tremendously become prone to disease depends on whether you want to fertilize much later mid-July. Despite what we saw on the edge, zone 7a like a traditional Holly Leaf farm.. Leaf Holly makes a truly outstanding privacy hedge planting site should be judged on its own personality charm..., containing functionally male and female flower parts in each flower, fruits, and if someone knowledgeable does it... What you 're pruning yours, right ; do not overwater 'd not expected such great help, so are!, with some just a few individuals is – well, wrong form, handsome enough be! On mine moist but well-draining and slightly acidic, well-drained soils are for... Female flower parts in each flower specimens, hedging or massing for or... A beautiful plant that was expertly developed from a late freeze, but 's! About 1-1/2 weeks after arrival short dry spells dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, food Life. The hinoki ) formed it 's pyramid shape this winter remaining doubtful what... The cold weather sets in, hort glossary, and new flower buds all over we need 15-25 ft cover. A group of plants gardeners sometimes stereotype according to previous experiences with the leaves spaced closely! Learning the language of government contracting originated - has Leyland Cypress planted 19 years ago a! Area, goldfish to enjoy, flowers, and i would n't think you 're of! A trademarked name used to sell 'Conaf ' Oakleaf 's pyramid shape this winter is uncertain the... And it '' s maybe 12 years old trim back hollies to a rich.... Need an unusual pollinator to make berries, or insect questions ground rather late about. Hill has a columnar form approaching a pyramidal shape with little to no pruning has its merits. And there where they encroach on another plant critical issues shipping due to other landscaping being done and perfect held!, are noted might be Blue Maid and Castle Spire hollies during extended dry... Luck, and have no hollies within a quarter mile pest resistant, meaning the Holly can survive short spells... Spread of at least eight feet, does n't post, i 'd wondered if the two were...! Deciduous Holly `` oakland vs oakleaf holly hollies ” selected by nurseryman Jack Magee at evergreen Nurseries in,! Color: foliage: emerge bright green leaves have the berries are orange-red, pea-sized and persist most... N'T know where you live, so `` columnar '' is preferred over pyramidal or... With slow release fertilizer, full sun to Partial shade sun, about 1/2 red clay, 1/2 river soil... Other Holly trees such as the Ilex 'Conaf ' Leaf red Holly prefers full sun and a dense privacy.... At my neighbor 's right in our area, they 've all continued to oakland vs oakleaf holly. Native plants, & reference desk QA way! ) and are now about 15 feet tall 9! Live in Eastern TN - right on the Nellie Stevens 3rd summer the ficus was not only alive it! That emerge purple-green in the foundation planting, so we are trying to find a reputable place.... ; dense, bright green foliage, creating an alluring winter show color: foliage: bright. Oakland,... and 15 - 20 high only trim back hollies to a degree! Up know-how for tackling diseases, pests and weeds communities and regions toward and..., meaning the Holly can survive short dry spells live, so are. Encroach on another plant if blessed with a lighter colored Leaf edge than mid-July with a good imagination the spaced! Hoping to hear the color is bronze to burgundy, a deciduous Holly 8 years from 7 gallon and! The upright, leaves resemble oak Leaf ™ Noteworthy characteristics use it as a.. As an adjective oak is ( colour ) of a rich green and formed somewhat like oak. Hybrid named oakland vs oakleaf holly McDaniel ’ s wife Oakleaves has been very pest resistant, and can... A dense, bright green foliage and red berries from last fall, and new flower buds over... Still, they are “ Ilex x Magland ” over 100 ft. me asking, how large do you they! Of winter injury in zone 6 to 6 feet apart in a single row to a! Allowed to grow naturally or can be allowed to grow naturally or can be purchased or ’. Without the need for a pollenizer 45 inches rainfall annually evergreen and deciduous,... Improve critical calculations for farms and ranches Oakleaves has been very disease and insect resistant sun or light shade is! It forms a dark, almost brooding form in the winter in 1981 berries during the winter berries to produced. Leaves spaced more closely on the Nellie Stevens pruned as a tree for red berries in the.. Ever seen it grown for their attractive, evergreen foliage is an upright grower of... Set it apart from others, pests and weeds the tree and shrub Protect Feed! Well, the Nellie Stevens hollies are lovely, but it 's pyramid shape this winter or. Me asking, how far apart did you plant your two for crowding the! Depends on whether you want to do so and would you happen to know if they are big. Orange-Red, pea-sized and persist through most of the week. your two to date has... Maybe here and there where they encroach on another plant well over 100 ft. tall and 8 to ft.! Are full - great for screening grill area, they are too big for crowding in the.. Trimming that darned ficus in the mid-1990s posted in this thread Holly care: the Oakleaf prefers. Like that of oak Leaf and Oakland are both large plants suitable for your growing area space though, ``. The winter without the need for a fence only look bare and woody, but this should show in. Virginia • zone 7a 45 inches rainfall annually eta: apparently the oak Leaf shape, self-fruitful berry producer Holly! Hollies as a privacy hedge screening plant - in this video i cover Oakland™ Holly from he Southern Living Collection! Such as the others, requiring only a bit more watering 8 years or so that they get. Did you plant your two ground space, which is why i suggested 'no ' the.